100 years of life.

Child care which we worked hard on until now has settled down
When I have retired and have time for myself
Given the second life plan, everyone wants to have fun together.

Live a fulfilling life in Culsaro for people in Itabashi Ward

From small children, elementary school students to the elderly, practice can be started at any time.
Let's make the opportunity to take on the challenge and realize what we wanted to do.

As a culture salon school where you can learn "practice and courses" right from Akatsuka Station in Itabashi-ku, let's take your skills up and take the first step in a new life with lessons from veteran instructors!

Classroom scenery

Culture salon school just off Akatsuka Station in Itabashi-ku

We invite veteran instructors with more than 10 years of experience to offer courses in our studio.
We also offer various courses such as hula, reading, handmade (tall paint, knitting, watercolor).

There is also an experience course so if you want to start practice, please use it. At the same time, we are looking for instructors to take advantage of what you are good at. Please contact us for details.

Handmade course scenery

Rental studio・Rental space

We will help you hold the event. It can be used for various purposes such as free markets, parties, concerts, photography, and dance practice.

Culsaro is a space on the second floor of the building where the sun shines and is open. It is completely mirrored and has a fully equipped kitchen.
When you do a lesson etc., regular use is advantageous, so please use it.

Can be used for rental spaces such as free markets