Studio rental studio for rent from Akatsuka Station in Itabashi-ku

This is a rental studio space near Shirataki Gofukuten, a 30-second walk from Akatsuka Subway Station.
This studio salon is an open space with a mirror on the 2nd floor of the building.
There is a convenience store nearby, so you can use it late at night.

Scenery of a free market in Culsaro

For events and courses in Itabashi Ward

We hold a free market, and many customers enjoy it.

It can also be used for holding lessons and courses such as dance, drama, and handmade.

If you use the service on a regular basis, you can save more than usual. Please contact us or call us for details.

Recommended for local gatherings and birthday parties

Birthday party, gathering in Itabashi Ward (area), use of Mother's meeting living in Itabashi Ward

The kitchen is fully equipped, so how about a place to get together for a group party?

You can bring your performance equipment and play. In addition, for charters, you can take small dogs and other pets!

Please contact us for more details and questions.

Studio details

Breadth About 56㎡
Studio name Studio A (7m / mirror ・ 6m / glass)
B studio (size:about 7 tatami mats)
Available time Normal business hours 9:00-23:00
Night rental studio from 23:00-5:00
※Please contact us for events and courses.
Seating capacity 20 people
※ Please consult us when using more than the above number of people
Device ・ Equipped with kitchen facilities
・ Washrooms, toilets
・ Refrigerator
・ Chairs (15)
・ Long tables (5)
・ Stereo available (wired)
・ Power supply
※ Please consult if you have the necessary equipment
・ Can bring food and drink
※ Please consult us if you have a strong smell.
・ Performance is possible
・ Equipment can be brought in
※ Please consult us for big amplifiers, loud instruments and equipment.
・ Pet OK
※When using a rental space, only for private use
※ Small dog only